B L F(ph) S N, H D T K C, M G G(ng) J R, A O U E aI

B, L, F(ph), S, N, H, D, T, K, C, M, G, G(ng), J, R A O U E aI
B.L.F(ph).S.N., H.D.T.K.C., M.G.G(ng).J.R
Babel, Lot, Ephron, Salem, Ne-esthan, Hur, David, Telmen, Kohath, Caleb, Moriah, Gad, Gomer, Jethro, Reu,
These twenty letters appear to have been a list of all the tribes and clans of Israel, with the exception of these four:  (1) Babel, home of the wise, (2) Mount Moriah, holy to Jehovah, (3) Salem, the city of god, and (4) Ne-esthan the Serpent, sacred to god.  Supposedly, Gwion altered this list to include names from the New Testament, the Book of Enoch, and the mythologies of Rome and Wales.  The formula was apparently based upon a Canopic Greek calendar adopted by the Greek-speaking Jews of Egypt.