Alap-Braut-Curi Alphabet

Alap-Braut-Curi alphabet
alphabet : [ad 900, ABC] Alap-Braut-Curi alphabet, invented by Nemninus the Briton.[27]  The letters appear in the ABC Latin order, but some minor alterations seem to indicate some clever formulae linked to the Greek and the Ogham alphabets.  The order is:  A.B.C.D., E.F.G.H., I.K.L.M.N., O.P.Q.R.T.S., U.X.E.Z., AE.ET.EU.AU.EI., with two unexplained syllables Kenc, Elau.[28]  Robert Graves reconstructed the Greek letter names in this manner:  (A) Alap, Braut, Curi, Dexi; (E) Egin, Fich, Guidir, Huil; (I) Jechuit, Kam, Louber, Muin, Nihn; (O) Or, Parth, Quith, Rat, Traus, Sung; (U) Uir, Jeil, Ofr, Zeirc; (AE) Aiun, Estiaul, Egui, Aur, Emc; (+) Kenc, Elau.