Goidelic Letters

Goidelic letters
Goidelic letters, the Irish letters which derived their name from the Greek linguist Gadel.  Feniusa Farsa, King of Scythia, was the grandson of Magog, and desired to master all of the 72 languages that arose after Babel, so he established a university at Magh Seanair, near Athens, and appointed 72 persons to learn each of the languages.  Feniusa presided over the university in a triad of regents that included Gadel and Caoith.  Gadel learned Irish, and divided his subject into 5 dialects, namely (1) Fenian for soldiers, (2) poetic Irish for senachies, (3) historic Irish for bards, (4) medical Irish for physicians, and (5) common Irish.  Irish legend holds that this collective of scholars standardized the Hebrew, Greek, and Latin letters