Hebrew Creation

Hebrew Creation
The infinite variety in creation is still more strikingly exhibited by permutations, of which the Hebrew alphabet is capable, and through which an infinite variety of types is obtained. Hence the remark: "Two letters form two houses, three letters build six houses, four build twenty-four, five build a hundred and twenty houses, six build seven hundred and twenty
Letters         Houses 
2                     2
3                     6
4                   24
5                 120 
6                 720

The Book of Creation closes with the statement: "And when Abraham our father had beheld, and considered, and seen, and drawn, and hewn, and obtained it, then the Lord of all revealed Himself to him, and called him His friend, and made a covenant with him and with his seed; and he believed in Jehovah, and it was computed to him for righteousness. He made with him a covenant between the ten toes, and that is circumcision; between the ten fingers of his hand, and that is the tongue; and He bound two-and-twenty letters on his tongue, and showed him their foundation. He drew them with water, He kindled them with fire, He breathed them with wind (air); He burnt them in seven; He poured them forth in the twelve constellations" (ch. VI, 4).

Metatron describes in detail how he was physically transformed from Enoch into Metatron. Metatron was made to understand the mysteries of all things and was shown the letters (of the Hebrew alphabet) by which all things are created. (See gematria; names.) Metatron’s elevation in stature was opposed by scholars on earth. God reduced him by sending the angel Anapiel to strike Metatron with 60 lashes of fire.