Original Homeland of Jews

Original Homeland of the Jews
Thus by about 580 the people of Judah were to be found in three separate locations, the elite in Babylon (where, incidentally, they appear to have been well treated), a large community in Egypt, and a remnant in Judah.[12]
One standard story links Abraham with the city of Ur (Ur of the Chaldees, Iraq) and sometimes with Urfa (Sanliurfa, Edessa).
A Roman source claims they come India philosophers the Kalani. cf. Halani, Alani, Alans
Another source links them with the Parsis, Zoroastrianism, Rome-Simtis and Gorgan (Jurjan, Urgench).  
Other sources link Jews with Khazaria. The head of the Khazar Royal Ashina dynasty links himself with Babylonian Jews (the Baylim), Persian Jews, and with Tengrism, especially with Hazars and Sindhi in Pakistan and with Ughyurs in Xinjiang.