5 Principal Ministers

five principal ministers, who are to direct them till the return of their divine lord. The chief of these is Hamza. His spiritual title is the "Universal Intelligence." This Intelligence, the first born of Deity, was incarnated in the person of Hamza, at the same time that Deity himself was incarnated in the person of Hakem. To him was committed the task of creation. From him comes all wisdom, all truth. He is the medium by which the Lord communicates with the lower ministers, and through them with the human family.

He dispenses power, and adjusts duties in the world; and he in the last day shall be the judge and the avenger. Boha ed-Din calls him Messiah. Next to Hamza is Ismail, the " Universal Soul." His origin was the rebellion of the " Rival," which made it necessary that the Intelligence should have a supporter in the world. His office is to inspire and sanctify souls. Next to Ismail is Mohammed, the "Word," born of the union of Intelligence with Soul. He has charge of Unitarian missions, and is the spiritual cadi, the chief bishop of the sect. The functions of the fourth minister, Selama, the "Preceding," seem to have been much the same with those of the fifth minister, Moktana Boha ed-Din, the "Following;" for Selama is called the "right wing," Boha ed-Din the "left wing."