Mithra Names

Mithra Names
 There is no question Tawsi Melek and his Hindu counterpart, Murugan, are counterparts of the Persian Mithra, whose name denotes “middle” and “harmony,” thus denoting the balance and union of the universal polarity that brought both Murugan and the Peacock Angel into manifestation. Mithra’s common name in Persia was Mihr, a title currently assumed by Tawsi Melek’s premier representative on Earth, the Mir or Yezidi Prince, and an additional link between Mithra and Murugan can be gleened from the name of Mithra’s most sacred annual celebration, the Mihragan ( which takes place exactly same time as most important gathering of Yazidis, during which, as in Mithra rituals, focal point is slaying of a bull )

Thus, the connection between Tawsi Melek and Mithra is undeniable, however the Peacock Angel’s most salient Persian counterpart is the primal bird of paradise, the Simurgh, who possesses a dog or dragon head and a huge peacock tail. The Simurgh lives on Mount Elbourz, the
primal sacred mountain at the center of the Earth that serves as an axis mundi uniting Heaven and Earth. Elbourz is, by the way, also said to be the worldly home of Mithra, so perhaps the Simurgh is one of his alternate forms.