Hazrat Ibrahim

Hazrat Ibrahim

Over 5000 years B.C. Hz. Ibrahim (aa) was born to Hz. Tarakh at UR in Babylon. Babylon was located just a few miles from present day Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. Babylon was the citadel of a great civilization. The people were Pagan and worshipped Objects of Nature and their King as God. King Nemrud ruled Babylon when Hz. Ibrahim (aa) was born. The king was forewarned through a dream that a child born that year in his kingdom would be the cause for his ruin and destruction.

The king ordered the slaughter of all new born babies and banned conjugal union between the married couples for one year. As destined, Hz. Ibrahim (aa) was born that year. His mother delivered him in a cave at a secluded hill and left the infant there for fear of getting detected. The infant was brought up by the archangel Jibraeel (aa) by providing milk in one thumb and honey in the other thumb of the infant who suckled his thumbs when hungry. The mother was thrilled at this spectacle and thanked Allah pr ofusely for taking care of her child. ....

Mystics among the Sufi Saints believe that lord Brahma and Hz. Ibrahim is one and the same entity. There is a variation in the pronunciation of the name of the same divine. The elite Brahmins who claim to be the offspring of lord Brahma are Saadat-e-Ibrahimi the way, Saadaats among Sayyed Muslims are the offspring of Prophet Mohamed (sas). The way the Gita emanated from the mouth of lord Krishna, Bible from the mouth of lord Jesus, and Quran from the mouth of lord Mohammed, the Vedas have emanated from the mouth of lord Brahma. The Vedas are the same as Sahifa-e-Ibrahimi. This belief of the Sufi Saints is projected in this write up only to highlight the Oneness of Religions. Sanatan Dhrama (Old Testament in the Bible), the original religion of Prophet Noha was consolidated by Hz Ibrahim in the Sahifa-e-Ibrahimi (lord Brahmas Vedas) and passed on to later generations of mankind. If this belief is accepted Hz Ibrahim (Lord Brahma) is certainly the creator of present day religious order. He is the father of mo dern religion.