Vah Taw Maws

Vah Taw Maws
The Gematria Mispar Katan of Vah Taw Maws = 18 which represents Chai, meaning life. So in the same word Vah Taw Maws we have both death and we have life.
{read from right to left}

Vah Taw Maws
18 = Sav = 4 + Mem = 4 + Sav= 4 + Vav = 6

18 = Yud = 10 + Ches = 8

When man is born he begins with the Aleph and through life, G-d willing, climbs to the greatest height, to the letter Sav which is the last letter in the Aleph Bais. The Sav is twenty-two steps from the beginning. The letter Sav, representing observance and PERFECTION, is the letter {"sign"} that restores access to G-d! In heaven, Hashem begins with the Sav and reaches down to the first letter, the Aleph where man is. So in the word Taw Maws we see the ending Letter Sav representing Hashem reaching out to man from heaven on the one side. On the other side we observe man at life's conclusion arriving at the Sav which represents "MAN'S PERFECTION" at death.