Father Shabbaz

Father Shabbaz
 According to Elijah Muhammad, the ancient ancestor Father Shabazz entered Africa 50,000 years ago. He also says Shabazz is the tribe that settled in “the rich Nile Valley fifty thousand years ago.”

    So Shabazz is connected to Egypt and Egypt’s creator God is stylized as a beetle named Khepera who rolls 50,000 eggs in a dung ball.

    Khepera is the icon of God’s infinite power to create, to become, to manifest by using the 50 sound units of power which are codified by Sanskrit’s 50 letters, the 50 oarsmen of Osiris’ celestial boat and Father Shabazz’s migration into Africa 50,000 years ago.

    These sound units of power also contain and convey intense kundalini heat. They are symbolized, in India, as the 50 skulls making up the Goddess Kali’s necklace.