1,720 B.C.

1720 BC
The god Amon appeared in the middle kingdom around the year 1720 BC. God Amon means "infinity" and means "invisible god." The name became popular when the first king of the Eleventh Dynasty took his name as Imn Hat, which means "Amon in the front," or "Amon at the beginning." Amon is one of the manifestations of the god Ra, who is later called Amon Ra.

In the texts it says that the king went into a land that had never known sin. There, he established six boundary steles, or sacred tablets, and he swore on these steles that he would never go back to the South — meaning back to Luxor. He called the new city Akhat Aton or "the horizon of Aton." It was also called Tell El Amarna, and is the Heart Chakra.