Zodiac and Kamite Pantheon

Zodiac and  Kamite Pantheon
Lastly, the twelve signs and their decans are identifiable with the Kamite pantheon of divinities. The

Ram, with Amen-Ra, Kem-Ba, and Sebek-Ra.
Bull, with him, Osiris, Khem, and Ser-Apis.
Twins, with Sut-Horus, or Shu and Tefnut.
Beetles, or Crab, with Khepra (Ptah); also Taht as Hermanubis.
Lion, with the Great Mother and lion-gods.
Virgin, with Isis.
Scales, or Tortoises, with Har-Makhu, or Har-pi-Khart; also the tortoise-god.
Scorpion, with Serk, Seb and Sevekh.
Archer, with Shu and Tefnut.
Sea-Goat, with Sut-Anubis.
Waterer, with Hapi-Mu and Menat.
Fishes, with Hathor, or Iusaas, and son, also with Khunsu.



Typhon can be identified with the Great Bear.
Sevekh       "                       "          Draconis and Lesser Bear.
Shu            "                        "         Regulus.
Horus        "                        "         Triangle or Pyramid.
Ra              "                        "         Sun.
Sut, Taht, Aan and Aahti     "         Moon.
Shu             "                       "         Mars.
Sut-Anup    "                       "         Mercury.
Seb             "                       "         Jupiter.
Hathor       "                       "         Venus.
Sevekh        "                       "         Saturn.