Ratha Utsava

Ratha Utsava
It is the night of December 24-25, 1996. The night of full moon as well as the night in which Christianity celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a few hours after midnight. It is also in a rare coincidence, the night when the moon resides in the lunar mansion Arudra (Ardra), and thousands of people have gathered in the temple square in Chidambaram to witness the main ritual performance of the chariot festival or Ratha Utsava.

I stand in their midst and look up. Right over the temple, at the zenith of his path across the firmament, dances the Nataraja high up in the southern sky. As the constellation of stars known in the West as Orion.
While the attention of the people around me is directed towards the great mandapa, the hall in front of us, only I -- wandering between earth and heaven -- see Him dancing in the hall as well as in the sky. My physical eyes are watching His Dance in the hall. My inner vision is seeing His Dance in the sky -- Orion.