Venus Places

Venus Places
Venus has a number of positions.
Planet 1
In India, Venus (Shukra) is in the uppermost, central position.
In the Katapayadi System Venus is linked with the Cavarga: i.e.letters 6 7 8 9 10 
In the Celtic tradition Venus is Planet 1 linked with Leo and the F of FVDORK.
In the 7 branched candelabrum it is also planet 1.
Planet 3
In the Chinese system of 5 planets:
Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn Places
Venus moves to Planet 3
In the ascending order of the 7 planets:
Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Places
Venus also moves to Planet 3
Planet 5
In the System of Ibn Arabi with a descending order of the planets, the order is:
Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon.
Venus now becomes planet 5 linked with mansion 15 and letter 15
 Planet 6
The alignment of the planets with 7 days of creation makes Venus planet 6:
6                              4                              2                                        7
Friday                      Wednesday             Monday                             Saturday 
Venus,               Mercury,            Moon,                         Saturn,
5                        3                                     1                                           
Thursday           Tuesday                          Sunday
Jupiter,          Mars,                       Sun
In the Slavic system, Venus is also in position 6. now linked with Dagaz (rune 23). 
In Chaldea, Venus moves to the NE. cf. Samhain
Chaldean Order of Planets
 Planet 7
In the West,in the Weekday Heptagram, with the planets linked with the first 7 letters, Sun is the beginning:
Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Venus
A      B       C           D          E         F           G 
Venus is now Planet 7 linked with letter 7 (G). Its position is the NW. cf. Samhain.
In Ibn Arabi, Venus becomes planet 5 linked with heaven 5 and Mansion 15.