Ohrmizd Names

He is the Primal Man, for he is the archtype of every human. He is both Ahura Mazda and Gayomard. He and his five sons were defeated by the Ahriman and his demons and tiered into myriads particles of Light. His main portion was rescued by Mithra and lives in the Moon. Ohrmizd’s particles of Light became the spiritual essence of men. In the end of Time, Ohrmizd will resurrect perfectly by gathering all the particles of Light which were not gathered until then.
Manichaean Ohrmizd reminds us of Hindu Varuna and Vrtra, Egyptian Osiris and Greek Dionysus. Hindu Varuna who was once the greatest god of Hindu pantheon, degraded to the lord of waters. Vrtra (Ahi) was a serpent and the head of Asuras, killed by Indra (Rig Veda 1.
32). Osiris was killed by his brother Seth. Dionysus was killed and devoured by giants sent by Pluto.