Leader of Asuras

Leader of Asuras

A chief or king of the Asuras is often referred to as Asurinda (*), several Asuras being credited with the role of leader, most commonly, however, Vepacitti (E.g., S.i.222; iv.201ff; J.i.205) and Rahu (A.ii.17, 53; iii.243).

(*) Sakka was also called Asurinda and Asurādhipa; see, e.g., J.i.66 (Asurindena pavitthadevanagaram viya) and J.v.245, where we are told that from the time he conquered the Asuras he was called Asurādhipa.

Besides these we find Pahārāda (A.iv.197, 200) (v.l. Mahābhadda), Sambara (S.i.227), Verocana (S.i.225; probably another name for Rāhu, see DA.ii.689), Bali (D.ii.259), Sucitti (D.ii.269) and Namucī (D.ii.269).