12 Double Hours of Day

12 Animals and 12 Double Hours of Day
Julie Lee Wei (1999) has noted that Chinese astronomy/astrology entails 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches (better known in the West as the 12 zodiac animals: Rat, ox tiger etc.). Wei has noted correspondences between these 22 calendar signs and the 22 letters of Phoenician, and suggested that an influence from Phoenicia on China (c. 1500 B.C.) could have led to the Chinese system. Since Chinese civilization officilally goes back to 3,332 B.C. the posibility of an East West influence seems more likely. The 12 Terrestrial Branches and their Phoenician Equivalents according to Julie Wei are:  

Aquarius  Pisces
子                 丑
zi,            chou
rat,           ox,
11            12
T              A

Aries  Taurus  Gemini, Cancer Leo,          Virgo,   Libra,      Scorpio,
寅         卯          辰           巳            午             未        申               酉
yin,       mao,    chen,      si,            wu,          wei,    shen,         you,     
tiger,    rabbit,  dragon,  snake,    horse,    goat,   monkey,    rooster,
1           2           3              4              5             6          7                8         
O          M           Th           R              G            P          S                L   

Noteworthy in this configuration is a) that the sequence begins with Month 11 in Aquarius and b) that the first three in the sequence are connected with the letters TAO as in Taoism.There were different configurations of these double hours. In the example below the rat, Zi, is positioned at due North:


Meanwhile, in the West, Month 11 is November/December linked with Sagittarius. In this context, if one allotted 1 letter to each of the hours one would have 24 letters beginning with Aleph (aligned with zi, rat) in November.  If one then tried to align the beginning with North one would start with B in the North and "lose" 1 letter in the first 12. Repeating this one would end up with 22 letters. This is an hypothesis. Interstingly enough if one begins with A = 1 = Sagittarius, B= 2= Capricorn, C= 3= Aquariius, D= 4= Pisces, one arrives at E = 5 = Aries as a starting point for the Hebrew Gematria Wheel below: