2 Pieces of Soorapadman

2 Pieces of Soorapadman
Finally, Lord Muruga pierced the body of Surapadma with his Vel (lance). Suddenly, demon Surapadma transformed into a huge mango tree but Lord Muruga cut the tree vertically into two pieces with His Vel.
The two pieces transformed into a peacock and cock. Lord Muruga took the peacock as his vahana or vehicle and the cock was given a place on his banner. This event is popularly known as Surasamharam.
The legend’s spiritual meaning is that a soul which acquaints itself with the sin of arrogance, will not attain divinity and will be reborn again and again (as with Soorapadman). Only the Lord alone can remove the sin.  Thus out of his compassion Lord Muruga destroyed the physical body housing Soorapadma’s arrogance and took unot himself the demon’s cleansed soul.