Phaistos Disk Symbolism

Some of the Titans were the planets of the known universe but there was strife among them. Chaos reigned again until the Titan Kronos took the throne by force from his father and then married his sister Rhea, like the way the Egyptian Osiris married his sister Isis. The universe was peaceful and orderly for many thousands of years until life began to form in Rhea's womb that was a vast vortex and mighty whirlpool. Into the soul spaces of the vast vortex, Rhea (star Sirius), in Heaven above, began to pour her children into space-time.

SpiralsFormed in her womb were 5 main divisions of layers or cosmic stuff (cosmoi), and into these layers or firmaments formed 60 soul spaces made of 60 types of soul-stuff, comprising 240 individual souls made of 48 different archetypes. The 5 layers are the spirals on both sides of the disk (right), the pictographs removed to see the spirals better. Each outside spiral has 12 line segments; 8 inside spirals have a combined 36 line segments. The spirals are divided into 60 line segments (30 Side 1, 30 Side 2). The 60 soul spaces in Rhea's womb are the total number of line segments on the disk, the 240 individual souls she creates is the total number of pictograph impressions, and 48 soul types is the number of unique signs on the disk. The 48 soul types may also have been imaged as the constellations, in an "as above, so below" relationship. For example, the Minotaur may have been the "so below" version of the constellation Taurus. These numbers in bold also reveal the mathematics of the times that may have involved the sexagesimal system of counting, perhaps with calendar applications.