Air, Fire, Water, Ether, Earth

Air, Fire, Water, Ether and Earth.

Let us look into the Panchabhuta and its divisions which created all the things.Pauranic Encyclopaedia while discussing Isvara quoted Devigita extensively to explain concept of creation and Godhead.Devigita announces that from primordial principle the five elements were born. Those are Air, Fire, Water, Ether and Earth. These five elements got divided into two part each giving a total of 10 parts. Then half of the five elements divided itself in four parts. ‘These 1/8 parts are joined to the other halves and by combining them in other fractions, the material bodies(sthulasriras)of all being are made’ said Vettam Mani. Then the Cosmic Body, which is the sum total of those individual material bodies went towards creating inner conscience and body parts like ear etc. Mani further said that "Antahkarana,due to differences in state assumes four forms. When once conception and doubt arises in a subject, then it is called mind. When there is no doubt, but there is assuredness it is called understanding(buddhi)".