Hand Fastening

Hand fastening

When the couple sit opposite each other, separated by a cloth curtain, the officiating senior priest places the right hand of one in the right hand of the other and fastens or unites them with the recital of the sacred Ahunwar formula. He fastens them with raw twist, which he puts round the hand seven times. [19]

Encircling with the Twist.

After fastening the hands, the raw twist is passed round the pair seven times with several recitals of the Ahunwar prayer.

It is then passed seven times round the marriage knot of cloth described above. The - process of encircling indicates union. The raw twist itself can be easily broken, but when several threads, e.g., seven [20] in the above case, are twisted into one, they cannot easily be broken. So, this ceremony indicates a wish that the tie of union, in which the couple is now united, may not easily be broken.