3 Vowels and Creation

3 Vowels of Creation
The first of these sacred sutras of the Lord of Dance consists of the three basic vowels: “a”, “I”, and “u.” These formed the first bounded shape, the basic triangle of creation, which contains within it the seeds of the entire Cosmos. Shiva, as the Power Holder, had sewn the seeds of Truth that the Divine Mother would act upon. The original, or primal, vowel is “a”, representing the ultimate reality beyond which there is nothing, or anuttara. However, this “a”, sentient and alive with Shakti as it is, is not alone capable of creating anything unless it is seized with the desire - Iccha - inherent in Shiva and readily awaited by Shakti. This desire is represented by the next basic vowel, “I.” When “a” is joined with “I”, the first sign of creation, or manifestation, sprouts forth. This is unmesa, indicated by the third vowel, “u.” Here we recognise something reflected through all teachings of Tradition – the beginning of the concept of the trinity. However, it is also stated that the primal vowel “a” cannot, by itself, have the desire for creation. It has first to split itself into two, as “a-a.”