Magh Seanair

Magh Seanair
The ascent from Milesius is as follows:-
King of Spain; Bratha; Deagatha, Lord of Gaetulia;
Alloid, Lord of Gaetulia; Nuagatt, Lord of Gaetulia;
Neannuall, Lord of Gaetulia; Faobhar Glas, Lord of
Gaetulia; Heber Glunn Fionn, Lord of Gaetulia; Lamhfionn,
Adnamoin, Tait, Ogamhain, BJeogamhluin, Heber Scot, Sru,
Easru, Gadelas, Niull, Feniusa Farsa, King of Scythia,
"inventor of letters, and first founder of the
universal schools, at the plain of Magh Seanair."
Some modern writers have surmised a genealogy extending
beyond Fenius through Japhet to Noah; but the Milesian
writers stop with Fenius. It is concded however by all
who have studied ancient Ireland history fairly and
carefully that Fenius was a descendant of Magog, the son
of Japhet.