B.L.F. Alphabet

alphabet : [600 bc] B.L.F. alphabet, per Brynmor-Jones and Rhys; Ogham alphabet; Goidelic alphabet classed as Q-Celt, for it has letter Q, but no P; the B.L.F. alphabet of 20 letters, or 5 vowels and 15 consonants, namely B.L.F.S.N., H.D.T.C.Q., M.G.NG.FF.R.[17]  Note that letter F stands for a voiced fricative (F=V), whereas the double-letter FF stands for the unvoiced consonant (FF=F).  The Ogham alphabet was preserved in several stone inscriptions found in North Wales, South Wales, the Isle of Man, Ireland, and Scotland.  Cf. Goidelic alphabet, ‘Ogma Sun-face.