8 Bonfires

8 Bonfires

Perun Pan-Slavonic God of lightning, thunder, storm and (probably) war, and one of the eight primary deities. He was patron of nobility and of armies. His sacred day is Thursday. He is lord of the mountains and the forest (his tree is the oak). He was represented as a man with silver hair and golden moustaches, armed with stones and arrows. His images were accompanied by eight eternal flames, bonfires or at least torches, as the case may be. Note a considerable number of parallels with the Norse Thor. In Christian times he became conflated with St.Ilya (Elias).



The cult of Perun, the chief god of the military nobility, was also established by Dobrinya in Novgorod, the northern outpost of Rus. There eight bonfires, that were never extinguished, burned, around the idol of Perun, and the memory of that eternal fire was preserved among the local populace right up to the 17th century.