Phoeniusa Farsaidh

Phoeniusa Farsaidh
Phoeniusa Farsaidh (Fenius Farsa ), son of Baoth .
He was King of Scythia, during the reign of Ninus of the Assyrian Empire. He was a wise man and desired to learn the new languages that were created at the time of the Tower of Babel. In order to achieve this goal, he sent learned men from his kingdom out into the world to learn the languages that had come about at the time of the Tower of Babel. Upon their return, he opened a school in the Valley of Shinar near Æothena. It was here where he, and his younger son Niul , taught for 20 years together. At this time he returned to his kingdom, leaving Niul the school that he had erected. It was shortly after this that he died. His descendants were known as the Fene. http://crossedbrushstudio.com/windowsintoourpast/Vol1/milesius.htm
King of the Scythian Nation sent men out to learn the language of the world.  He founded a university where they returned and in his school invented the Hebrew, Greek, and Latin alphabets.  His descendants were called Phoenicians.