Aramaei (Scythian)  
The newcomers from Scythia according to archaeology in east Scythia used Aramaic as their major language. There is some evidence that they also used Hebrew and that the Lost Ten Tribes prior to their exile had used both Hebrew and Aramaic.
"Twas the great Jove alone of gods that o’erpowered, with resistless force, the fifty-headed monster Typhon, of yore among the Arimi." Others understand Syrians by the Arimi, who are now called Aramaei, and maintain that the Cilicians in the Troad migrated and settled in Syria, and deprived the Syrians of the country which is now called Cilicia.

[405] Callisthenes says, that the Arimi from whom the mountains in the neighbourhood have the name of Arima, are situated near the Calycadnus and the promontory Sarpedon close to the Corycian cave. http://rbedrosian.com/Classic/strabo13f.htm

Arimii (Aramaei, Sarmatae, Sauromatae) in European Scythia