Greek Epichoric Alphabets

Greek Epichoric Alphabets In the 8th to 6th centuries, local or epichoric variants of the alphabet developed. They are classified into three main groups, following Adolf Kirchhoff (1887): green (Cretan), red (Western) and blue (Ionic, Attic and Corinthian). The main distinction is in the supplemental signs added to the Phoenician core inventory......

The green alphabets have none; the red use Φ for [pʰ], Χ for [kʰs] and Ψ for [kʰ]; and the blue have Φ for [pʰ] and Χ for [kʰ], with a dark blue subgroup (Corinth and Rhodes) also having Ψ for [pʰs].

File:Greek epichoric alphabets.png