A B C D Model

A B C D Model
16 of the 72 Magical Languages follow the A B C D model. 
The languages of Isis, Mercury (Isiacum, Mercurianum) are mythical but connected with Egypt.
The alphabet of Noah (Noachicum) is theoretically dated c. 2250 B.C. It is noteworthy that this does not follow the A B G D model found in the languages of Moses, Solomon, Abraham and later Hebrew.  
The oldest alphabets linked with somewhat clear dates:
Assyrium                 20th - 15th c. B.C.
Aegyptiacum          c. 2000 B.C.
We can also note a westward movement
Massageticum   Massagetae (Iranian tribes, compared to Scythians)      Uzbekhistan
Geticum            Getae             (Dacian, compared to Scythians   
Scythicum         Scythian      
Gothicum         Gothic
The link with the Getae (Dacians) helps explain why Romanian is also in the A B CD Model: i.e. A Ă Â B C D
Germanicum   German
Hetruscum       Etruscan
Hibernicum      (Proto)-Spanish
Scoticum          Scottish