31 Letters of Macedonian

The vowel system of the Macedonian language consists of five phonemes (a, e i, o, u). There are 26 consonants, of which the soft ones are specific (lj, nj, kj, gj, dz, r). The accent is grammatical and constant; it falls on the antepenultimate syllable of the word. The morphological system is analytic. The is no case system, with the exception of the dative and accusative. There is a post-positional article with three forms (-ot, -ov, -on), (-ta, -va, -na), (-to, -vo, -no). All the verb tenses exist. The Macedonian orthography is phonetic. The alphabet is Cyrillic and consists of 31 letters.
// var myFlashObject = new FlashObject("azbuka.swf", "abuka", "570", "280", 3, "#FFFFFF"); myFlashObject.write("azb"); // Correspondences - the Macedonian and the English phonemes