F Symbolism

F Symbolism
Symbol of Spiritual force and prosperity of kind           Solar Cross
Солнечный Крест                                                              СОЛНЕЧНЫЙ КРЕСТ
                                                        СОЛНЕЧНЫЙ КРЕСТ
SOLAR CROSS - the symbol of the spiritual force of [Yarily]- sun and prosperity of kind. It adapted as next to the skin it guarded. As a rule, solar cross allotted by the greatest force: The priests of forest, [Gridney] and [Kmetey], who it depicted on the clothing, the weapon and the cult equipment. .
                                                              Swastika Symbol (Iran)
Solar Symbolism
Early Cyrillic letter Fita.png
 F is the sixth letter of the English and Latin alphabets. In terms of the story of alphabet and days of the week, the sixth day is Thursday which corresponds to Sagittarius (Jupiter, Jove) in terms of the zodiac square. If we take the pattern for E and focus only on the lines for Tuesday and Wednesday we arrive at F. This sign for F is also the sign for Ansuz in the runes, which relates to the god Odin. F is also the hieroglyphic for horned viper