S Symbolism

S Symbolism
S is Hebrew letter 21 almost at the end of the early 22 letter alphabet. In Greek, forms of S were near the beginning of the alphabet, as letter 6, which in turn is also linked with F. Letters I and Y are also linked with S. To understand these seeming contradictions we need to go back to Chinese Astronomy where we find 10 stems and 12 branches. Stem 5 - Stem 6 are linked with Branch 5 - Branch 6 or Dragon - Snake (Chen -Si). The name of Branch 6, Si  = 巳 = Snake gives us the English number six (6), the Latin number, sex, Spanish seis etc.      
Where Branch 5  - Branch 6 occur in a wheel of the year varies depending on the numer of divisions. In the cas below, with 12 Zodiac animals we see that the dragon (chen) of branch 5 marks the end of a descent from heaven and that the snake (si) of branch 6 marks the beginning of a return towards heaven.   
                                      Branch 5 - Branch 6
                                      Dragon   - Snake 
This sixth stem that leads to a 6th branch leads also to a letter 6, Chi (in old Chinese 
Huang Ti) which, in addition to being a snake is probably the astronomical  Hydra, which is called the Adisesha in Sanskrit linked with Nakshatra 9 (and formerly Nakshatra 7):
It also helps explain why early Greek has letters Sigma, Stigma, Digamma and Zeta: 
 Greek Stigma                               Digamma                                     Zeta
 File:Stigma uc lc.svg  Digamma Stigma.svg File:Zeta uc lc.svg
Or why old Slavic has Selo: 
Indeed it helps explain a trend to find S - $ or S - S Reversed e.g.: 
Oak pentacle                                                   Pentacle of Shadows
Alternatively this occurs as:
Letter 6 -                                             Letter 7
Greek Letter 6                                  Greek Letter 7
Stigma -                                             Zeta
So Zeta (Copticum)                                                              Vau - Zai (Aethiopicum)
Alternatively this occurs as:
Letter 8 -                                              Letter 9
dzealo,                                                 zemle                                (Archaic Romanian)
dz -                                                        z
                     Dzealo                                Zemle                             (Glagolitic Bamberg)
8. Dzelo                                                   9. Zemlja                           (Early Cyrillic)
File:Early Cyrillic letter Dzelo.png                                                  File:Early Cyrillic letter Zemlia.png

These examples suggest that a structure established in Chinese Astronomy helps to explain basic elements of Western alphabets.