Letter 06 Symbolism

Letter 06 Symbolism
 China has 10 Celestial Stems. These include:  
                                     Stem 02 - Stem 06
                                    乙 -              己
                                    Yi -               Ji                      cf. Yi Jing, I Ching
                                    Sprout         Full Bloom 
                                                         cf.  Chi
Zalktis (Latvian Bell Symbol 6)
 Greek Stigma                               Digamma                                     Zeta
 File:Stigma uc lc.svg  Digamma Stigma.svg File:Zeta uc lc.svg
 China also has 12 terrestial Branches:
                                    Branch 2 - Branch 6 
                                    Chou          Si
                                    Ox               Snake
On a typical Chinese Animal Zodiac they now appear as follows:
In other configurations Dragon and Snake the 2 earth elements become:
                                       Dragon -    Snake (zodiac)
                                       Branch 5 -  Branch 6 (12 Terrestrial Branches)
 In the West, this leads to a correspondence between branches, numbers and letters
                     Chinese 6                    Si
                     English 6                      Six
                     Latin 6                           Sex                           
                                       Branch 5  - Branch 6
                      Latin        quinque      sex 
                                       Letter 5       Letter 6  
                      English   E                  F               
                      Hebrew  He               Vau
                      Coptic                         So(Sex)
                       Cyrillic                       Selo, Dzelo                     
Here the dragon in the sky, Draco, becomes the Source of the letter. The precise numbering differs. Sometimes there is a letter value and a gematria value.
In the Runic tradition, F becomes Fehu.
In Old Slavic, the equivalent is Фита
In Egyptian Hieroglyphs, F becomes the Horned Viper or Cerastes  as Letter 7 of the alphabet.  
In the Arabic tradition, F becomes Shape 10.