19 Symbolism (Terms)

19 Symbolism
Sanskrit Letter 19:
Dh Scale, bow, placing, holding, virtue, merit, Brahman, to seize, hold, grasp, assume, exhibit, suffer, undergo, perform, do, receive into oneself, admit, cover, hide, deceive, obscur, hinder, obstruct, view, aim at, believe, have faith in, concentrate, put into focus, inner self, real self.   19 (Pali #288)
In the Perun Cross there are 38 divisions and division 19 coincides with the Summer Solstice, Kupala. It is part of a transition that entails 18 19 20. 
Astronomically, decan 19 corresponds to Sirius.  
cf. Hebrew Gematria 19 --- to breathe, to live; to speak; to wind, coil, encircle; life --- name of Eve; a round tent or encampment, a hamlet or village http://www.billheidrick.com/works/hgm1/hg0010.htm
In Azbuka Lepenskog Vira (8000-6000 B.C.), rune/letter 19 is a 6 Pointed star:
19 is linked with Belgthor, Golden Number 19, that reflects a 19 year cycle of the sun.
 19 Hexagons provide a framework for describing a  3 Fold Antakahrana: