11 Letters Theory

11 Letters Theory
In the Barddas, Einigan the Giant,  is credited with introducing 11 Primary letters consisting of
4 Vowels   7 Consonants
A. e. i. o.     b. c. t. 1. s. r. p
In the Boibeloth the alphabet is expanded to 16 Letters consisting of
11 Consonants                                                                                 5 Vowels
B L F S N D T C M G (P) R                                          A O U E J
11 Consonants
Boibel, Loth, Foran, Salia, Neaigadon, Daibhoth, Teilman, Casi, Moiria, Gath, Ruibe,
5 Vowels
Acab, Ose, Ura, Esu, Jaichim
This same pattern is found in Ancient Gaelic
11 Consonants                                                                                5 Vowels    
 B L F S N D T C M G R                                                                   A O U E I 
Two sets of 11 letters combined to make an alphabet of 22 Letters.
A brilliant analysis of the alignment between 22 letters and the circle in Phoenician, Hebrew and Cyrillic has been offered by Sergey Leonodovich Panphilov:
circular matrix of letters in aramaic and hebrew alphabets
comparison of the slavic alphabet of Cyril with Phoenician letters