Alphabet and Time

Alphabet and Time
Letters in early alphabets were typically linked with cycles in Nature, calendars and the cosmos. 
13 Letters were linked with 13 moons, 13 trees, 13 runes, 13 letters.
22 Letters were linked 3 elements, 7 planets, 12 zodiac signs. They were also linked
                                        with combinations of letters to create 231 gates (11 x 21)
24 Letters were linked with 24 hours of the day.
26 Letters were linked with 13 moons each with 2 phases.
27 Letters followed the pattern of 22 Consonant Letters + 5 Vowels.
28 Letters were linked with 28 days in a month and 18 Mansions in a year and futher used to create a history of pre-creation of the world.
35 Letters of Asomtavruli (Georgian), were used to outline their cosmology in a system that is claimed to go back to 5,604 B.C.
48 Letters of Sanskrit were aligned with the 12 zodiac signs, dividing the year into vowels (Aries-Virgo) and consonants (Libra-Pisces).