7 Yezidic Archangels


7 Yezidic Archangels
. Shams-ed-din ("sun of the faith")
2. Fakr-ed-din ("the poor one of the faith")
3. Nasr-ed-din ("help of faith")
4. Sij-ed-din ("power of mercy")
5. Sheikh Ism ("power of mercy")
6. Sheikh Bakra ("power of mercy")
7. Kadir-Rahman ("power of mercy")
Invocation to the Yezidic Archangels

"Sole Almighty Creator of heaven,
I invoke thee through the mediation of
(here, the names of the 7 listed above)
Thou didst create the sinners Adam, Jesus and Mary
Thou are the fountain of joy and beatitude.
Thou hast no face;
Thy stature, movements and substance are unknown
Thou hast neither feathers, wings, arms, voice, nor color. From the Encyclopedia of Religions