Elements and Philosophy

Elements and Philosophy
In India, the 5 Elements (5 Mahabhutas) and 4 Eternal Substances (4 Dravyas) produce the 9 Elementary Substances (9 Dravyas) of the Nyaya  School:
pRthivi, ap, tejas, vAyu, AkAza, kAla, diz, Atman, manas
Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Time, Space, Soul, Mind
In the Vaisashika School these are rearranged as 9 Eternal Elements (9 Nithidrayas):
4 eternal substances or Dravyas , viz. soul , time , place , ether , and the 5 atoms of earth , water , light , air , and mind
In the Samkhya School these elements are increased to 25 elements (25 tattvas) and aligned with the 25 consonants of Sanskrit.
In the Vedanta School these elements are increased to 36 and aligned with 36 letters of Sanskrit (25 consonants, 4 approximants, 3 coronal fricatives, 1 glottal stop, plus 3 Speical Compound Consonants).