Phi Symbolism

Phi Symbolism
In the West, Phi is now letter 21 of the Greek Alphabet with a gematria value of 500. It was not part of the initial Greek Alphabet of 22 Letters. There is reason to believe that the Ph/Phi derives from Sanskrit Letter 22. Ph. Cf. Phi History. 
Symbolically, Phi is associated with Proportion and Harmony due to a geometrical, ratio of 1.61803399, known as the golden ratio. Its simplest version is:
In the West, Phi is linked  with a Golden Ratio using a Golden Rectangle:
Phi has become linked especially with a Golden Section in a Golden Rectangle, commonly known as the Fibonnaci Spiral, which is associated with the Beginning of Life.  
Phi is also linked with the construction of a Pentagram and Golden Triangles.
 The principle of the Golden Section also leads to a Golden Section Spiral
 Hence the western Phi is primarily a letter, linked with a geometrical ratio, important for architecture and aesthetics. Some isolated philosophical and mystical discussions exist.
Meanwhile, in Russia Phi, is linked with the Law of Harmony and related to 4 basic images:
1. Evolution of the great limit (of Taiji and the I Ching)
2. Maltese Cross in Octagon (with Trigrams
3. Slavic Swastika (Odolen Trava with Trigrams)
4. The Power (), called Tree of life in Russia and Orb and Cross in the West.