Swastika Symbolism

Swastika Symbolism
The Swastika entails three sets of forms:
1) Field Symbolism
Свастика Засеянное поле (Swastika Seeded Field)
Свастика Засеянное поле
 2) Serpent Symbolism, Solar Symbolism 
Terrestrial and celestial secrets of solar swastika
3)  Cross Symbolism
Menander Cross                                            Ancient Indian Coin
God Symbolism
In India the Swastika is linked with the 4 Arms of Vishnu:
4 Arms of Vishnu                                                   Buddha (Oseberg Viking Ship Grave) 
Rod                          Valkyries             Christian       Hebrew             Islam
The origins of the symbol have been traced back to Tibet c. 16,000 B.C.
YungDrung -                                                 Right Turning YungDrung


This form becomes linked with Magic Squares: 

Yung-Drung Widdershins -                            Yung-Drung Deiseil

In the ancient Slavic tradition, this form is also linked with Fire and Flame:
Агни (Огонь) -                                                  Фаш (Пламень)
Agni (Fire)                                                         Fash (Plamen)
In Ancient Russia this form also becomes linked with cosmology:
Rotation of life in the Earth                             Eternal rotation of Universe
Symbol of Motion                                              Highest Celestial Law  
In addition it is reflected in four old Slavic Letters:
Swastika -                                                               Posolon
 * Swastika Letter            
G (Gamma, Gammadion) x 4 = Swastika         Eri x 4 = Posolon
A static version becomes linked with Key Symbolism:
Chaldean Zodiac                                                    Absolute Philosophical Key
An abstract dynamic version becomes linked Energy symbolism, Letter E Symbolism, F Symbolism and Sh Symbolism, e.g. as:
Sacred Vortex                                                          Four Russian Letters III (sh)
Another version linked with a sacred grass (see Odolen Trava symbolim) becomes linked with both the Flower of Life and Dual Fiery Symbolism, e.g.:
Odolen Trava -                                   Cvetok Papor                  Картинка 13 из 8008
About the united sense of swastika the scientists cannot arrive at the general opinion. Were proposed such interpretations as the revolving sun, the radiating circle of the midday sun, solar chariot, pole and rotation of stars around it, four sides of light, four phases of the moon, four winds, four seasons, the motion of vortex, the motion, which revolves peace, center, creative force in action, the creation of the cycles, the rotation of the wheel of [sansary], cross as four corners of a square, above which moves in a circle the sun, converting them into the circle (i.e. rounding off square and making with square circle), cross as the combination of vertical and horizontal lines, that indicate spirit and material, and also four steps of existence. Besides this, there is a mystical interpretation of swastika as the symbolic map of Atlantis, in which, on the legends, there were four rivers, which escape from one source. Swastika can be found on the altars, the statues, the garments, the urns, the vases, the utensils, the ceramics, the weapon, the panels, the dresses, the coins, and also the spindles, where, as it is considered, it must indicate rotary motion. In any event, this is the symbol of good success, good omen, good wish, blessings, [dolgozhitelstva], fertility, health and life. There are two forms of the swastika: straight line and reverse, which, as it is considered, symbolize man and female, solar and lunar beginning, motion on and counterclockwise (" [posolon]" and " [osolon]" as spoke in Russia), and also, apparently, two hemispheres, celestial and [khtonicheskuyu] force, is the ascending more spring the enveloping autumnal sun.