Mother of all Runes
Hagal - [runomatritsa], the mother of all of runes, it is the mother of still many knowledge, to be fixed get to know which must sons and daughters of race, in order to assert union revered between by themselves, between by gods, by the universe. Knowledge is hidden for so long and no longer as Perouns the color (It [ognetsvet], [Perunika]) - blue iris about six lobes. Also [Perunovym] color was called the fern, which on [poveriyam] flowers on the night to the summer solstice and on the thunderstorm nights. Who will find it and not he [uboitsya] tests, that will be honored by the special vision of concealed, by understanding secret, will be penetrated by the essence of things. Under the metaphor of the search For [perunova] of color are hidden the finding Of [samosti], the initiation, the formation Of sonnenmensch, this is the nonexistent flower, about which prophesies Miguel [Serrano].