22 Дек 2009

 Рисунок 1. Велеслав, волхв общины «Родолюбие». Родовой столб

In ancient Russia as the main god they considered kind - ancestor in all. By nature of its it included two forces - man and female. [Kapi] in its honor erected in the form [Fallopodobnogo] post without face, with three incisions, which indicate [Tremire]. The images of objects and their attributes, close ones in the designation to the functions of ancient-Slav god remained in the numerous sculptures, the distributions and the amulets, in the form man and female genitalia, that refer direct to sexual life and continuation of kind. Furthermore, by birth was counted the certain internal spiritual and genetic connection between the close and distant relatives. God is kind - keeper of the related knots and the spokesman of family love and ardent brotherhood. The very same - the manager of the book of fates, from where the saying: “Which on the kind (by birth) is written - that not to pass no one!”. In the book of the god of kind all is recorded - the laws of existence, information about the life of any person, i.e., in it exist all about each of us. Statuettes with the image of this god, by whom several thousand years, found.
On the ancient legend, all its knowledge the kind held in the secret from the people - but it was located the one who these information it stole - this was [Svarog]. It managed something to copy from this book and to transmit to people in the known form - it carved these knowledge on the stone- and dropped from the sky to the earth. Bel- is combustible [Alatyr] stone he was received by Slavs as the center of universe, the navel of the earth, allotted by different sacral and medicinal properties, it was considered that it was located in the center of peace, among the sea- ocean, on the island brawler. On it stands world tree or throne of world reign. The stone of [nadelen] by the medicinal and magic properties (from under it throughout the world they spread medicinal rivers). At the bylinas the [Alatyr]- stone lies on the crossroads of roads and contains inscription about the fact that [zhdet] of hero, if it goes on each of the roads