Спорыш    sporysh
In a series of Belorussian songs a divine figure enters the homes of the peasants in four forms in order to bring them abundance. These forms are: bog (“god”); sporysh, anciently an edible herb, today a stalk of grain with two ears, a symbol of abundance; ray (“paradise”); and dobro (“the good”).
Спорыш, Спарыш (белорус.)

[Sporysh], [Sparysh] (Beloruss.) in the mythology of eastern Slavs - spirit of harvest, which lives in the dual ear, the god of abundance, harvest, wealth, seeds and shoots, the embodiment of fertility. From such dual ears in [Belorus]c[ii] after harvest braided wreaths, brought to the master court and Paley " [sporyshevy]" song. [Sporysha] represented in the form the white curly person, who walks through the field and guards ears from any misfortunes. Tsar- ear. Initially by the designation Of [sporysh] they designated only dual grain or dual ear, which in the eastern and [yuzhnoslavyanskoy] traditions was considered as the [bliznechnyy] symbol of fertility, called “tsar- ear”. With the sending of archaic agrarian rites from such dual ears Of [sporysha] braided the Viennese, they cooked the general (“fraternal”) beer, bit off these ears by teeth. It was considered that this of wreaths interlaced [Sporysh] itself, and they adjusted slightly so that the wreaths would find the most beautiful girl. Accompanied by songs, girl carried wreaths to the barn. In the Pskov province from the dual ears was manufactured special doll - ergot. From them interlaced the [pozhinalnaya] “beard”, which was being devoted by the saints, cult of which continued the pan-Slavic cult of twins - the patrons of the agriculture: Flora and monastery, To [kozme] and to Damien, Zosim and Savva.