Mithra Symbolism

Mithra Symbolism
                     Sun                                   Moon
                     Male                                  Female
                     Sword                               Flame
 In Russia, the Tortoise becomes a personification of Myr (peace, world, universe).
                     Sun          Star          Moon
                                      Magha Star
                     Ха-                             Тха Йога              ХАТХА-ЙОГА
                     Ha -                           Tha Yoga
About its origin the ancient European authors report nothing, but this is sufficiently strange, but they are unanimous in the fact that this is the Persian god, to cult of whom took to for some reason as to the narcotic, Roman soldiers in the eastern marches. Zodiacal signs on the image not random [uzorchik] - on “[mitraizmu]” - soul, getting down to the earth in order to revive the body, into which they want to be prisoners, penetrate the spheres of planets and obtain from each its any qualities. Mitre on this relief of the times of Aurelianus - anthropomorphous.
Late images even more added into the means “of humaneness” and even they deprived the mitre of pair it was wing, after converting them into the folds of raincoat. Mitre kills bull. Mitre is that bull itself. Mitre sacrifices itself. But if we look to the earlier Roman images, let us see that its [antropomorfnost] is somewhat it is doubtful.
Mitre here - [chetyrekhkryloe] essence with the head of beast, wholly wound by snake. I.e. we observe undoubted similarity To [patsutsu] (see WW part 1). (True, some is counted this image [Ariman]-[Zurvanom] - but about this in the following of times) It is examined well based on this example that subsequent connection of Indo-iranian ideas about gods, with western religious culture, was formed under the effect of Babylon- Assyrian cult, which has in base even more ancient [shumerskiy], at whatever angle we at this object looked.
On these images head To [patsutsu]. Right - from the Israeli site- auction. Canto of goats. When came to it period, [Rogonosnogo] god it bore [Zeus], To it made from the snakes of wreaths, And from that time of this wild of the outputs Winds [menada] brow. In Greece the cult of mitre although penetrated through the boundaries of its colonies, was not obtained noticeable propagation, since to ancient Greeks they by that time already prepared its own “rescuer”. I will be repeated, emphasizing that all these events occurred directly (on the historical measures) before the generation of Christ. [Dionis]- Bacchus became rescuer, ([Bakhus]) - god of wine, twice originated son of Zeus. [Dionis] for the Greeks also alien god, brought from [Frakii]. As wrote [N].[A].[Kun], everywhere is not recognized itself the authority Of [dionisa], frequently it was necessary to meet with resistance, force it was frequently BE necessary to subjugate for it the countries and cities. In “the metamorphoses” Of [ovidiy] are described the fates of those, who opposed to it - [frakiyskogo] tsar [Likurga], the daughters Of [miniya] and the rest Of [dionis] it got down into the Adas, it died, it rose again… and even it was they [raspyat] on the cross, that we can see here