South Eastern Kazakstan

Zhetysu (Kazakh: Жетісу, pronounced [ʒi̯ɘtɘsʊw] meaning "seven rivers"; also transcribed Zhetisu, Jetisuw, Jetysu, Jeti-su, Jity-su, Жетысу, Джетысу, etc.) is a historical name of a part of Russian Turkestan, corresponding to the South-Eastern part of modern Kazakhstan. It owes its name, meaning "seven rivers" (literally "seven waters") in Kazakh, to the rivers which flow from the south-east into Lake Balkhash.


The Republic of Kyrgyzstan possesses enormous reserves of fresh water. Seven major rivers’ catch basins collect water from more than 28,000 rivers and natural springs. Three main rivers of Kyrgyzstan are: Naryn (nearly 535 km long), Chu (221 km) and Chatkal (205 km).