Rozhanitsy Terms

Some of the basic deities in the Slav mythology. This of the daughter of kind, celestial; Mistresses of peace, who give birth to animals, fishes, necessary for people. [Rozhanitsy] - matriarchal faith, which arose in the hunting society and which passed into the agricultural. The cult Of [rozhanits] as female deities was many-valued, in it were manifested the features of the cult of general fruitfulness (people, beasts, cattle), and the cult of deities, who helped parturients, and the agrarian- magic ideas of farmers about the goddesses of harvest. Frequently the images Of [rozhanits] supplemented with the symbols of fertility, [zaseyannogo] field - slanting rhomb, divided into four cells, in each - black point, grain. The cult Of [rozhanits] was characterized by its openness, solemn by feasts in the honor goddesses. Victims To [rozhanitsam] were brought only bloodless - products of agriculture and cattle breeding.