Rozhanitsy and Deer

Rozhanitsy and Deer (Moose)
[Rozhanitsy] and deer (moose) in light of p[azob]p[annykh] p[anee] of the data about [gl]y[bokoy] [d]p[evnosti] and universality of [k]y[lta] of celestial deer [vazhenok]-[p]p[a]p[oditelnits] hardly is subject to doubt, that the search for [a]p[khaichnogo] female [ob]p[aza] we must begin from those embroidries, [koto]p[ye] [sode]p[zhat] of [izob]p[azheniya] of deer or the moose, not yet extruded by horses and riders. In chapter 2 to y[zhe] made addition [o] [k]y[lte] deer, that draws together py[ssk]y[yu] of [vyshivk]y with the distant hunting myths of neolite and mesolite. In these myths, main [pe]p[sonazhami] are the women -[losikhi], The h[ebesnye] mistresses of [mi]p[a], p[ozhdayushchie] for the earth (for the people and [zve]p[ey]) of deer and [d]py[gikh] useful animals. In y[makh] of [pe]p[vobytnykh] hunters entire [k]py[govo]p[ot] of [p]p[i]p[ody] was reduced to [tom]y, that somewhere before the sky, in the [nepos]p[edstvennom] proximity with the sun (sun - center of goddesses), two p[ogatye] goddesses of the [pol]y[zve]p[inogo] appearance of p[ozhdali] the source of the welfare of people.