Maidenly Holiday

maidenly holiday
The holiday Of "leli" is called "maidenly holiday" (lyalnik), and for the performance of the role of "lyali" was selected the most beautiful girl, who was crowned by garlands. The elements of the selection of the beautiful girls are located also in the songs of khalays, in particular, in such songs, as "girl- beauty you have" or "plant greenery my beauty". The essential moment of Slav rites in this sense is the fact that "flowed", "olela" of "olala", "olaliyya" were connected with the rituals of bonfire (in Bulgarians). Among khalays there is a song "Lali, I desire to become your sacrifice". The Russian and pan-Slavic rites, connected with "leli" and Talish lo/lu, bring to the thought about their connection with the rite of the election of the bride of the fire/light - from one side, and from another to the old Iranian holiday of Sadde.