Rod Symbolism

Rod Symbolism
12951937260780 РОД – славянский религиозный символ Бога Единого Рода. Резной вязью из этих символов украшают кумиры Рода, обереги, амулеты, ладанки.
Обереговое значение символа – если человек носит изображение символа Рода на теле или одежде, то никакая сила не сможет его одолеть
KIND - Slav religious symbol of the god of united kind. The idols of kind decorate with carved band from these symbols, guard, amulets, amulet. The [oberegovoe] value of symbol - if man bears the image of the symbol of kind on the tele- or the clothing, then no force will be able to overcome him

Род наш уподоблен Древу

Kind gave birth to everything that we apparently all around Parent of entire living and real. Kind gave birth to everything that we apparently all around. It separated the peace seen, explicit - reality, from the peace of invisible, spiritual - [Navi]. It separated Pravda from the falsehood. Kind mentions in the chronicles with the main deities together with [rozhanitsami], which accompanied by its female deities. (later) kind and [rozhanitsy] were considered as the dead ancestors of the patriarchal kind, which the kinsmen considered their patrons. They so had more ancient than [naimenovani] pine finch, grandfather. Some scientists they consider kind the earliest deity, the patron of fertility. (by the way precisely hence they go word nature, fertility, harvest) in it they moreover, see supreme deity, sovereign of clouds, creator of life on the Earth. But even according to the beliefs of the Slavs precisely of kind it sends from the skies to the earth of the soul of people, when children are born. http://myfhology.narod.ru/contens.html