Wonders (virgin, [Diviya], DINA (dinitroxydiethylnitramine) (shafts.), Devana ([chesh].)) - goddess of hunting, forbidden scaffolding, beasts, girls (female secret hunting communities). Daughter Of [dodoly] and Peroun. Wife of pyro [Volkha]. Religious rite: the meat of wild animals, sandpaper of sables and martens, patties, tape. However, the wonders -[dodola] of [iak] it is known in the [yuzhnoslavyanskoy] mythology. Female character, mentioned in the magic rites of the causing of rain. It is known in the serbo-croatian (wonders -[dodola], [duduleyka], to [dodolitse], [dodilash]), the Bulgarian (wonders -[dodola], [dudula], [dudulitsa], to [dudole], predominantly in the western regions of Bulgaria), and also Rumanian and other traditions (cf. Pol. the mythological name Of [dzidzilya]). Wonders -[dodola], as [Perperuna], it is connected with the cult of Peroun, his names, actions or epithets, related to Lithuanian. Dundulis - to nickname Of [perkunasa] (letters. “reelings of thunder”, sr. of Serbian -[luzhitsk]. [Dunder]) is obvious, the name of wonder -[dodola] and the like names - result of the ancient reduplication (doubling) of the root of dhu, which indicated “to shake by beard” in the attitude of thunderer. The comparative analysis of [dodolskikh] songs and rituals allows to assume that in the myth of wonder -[dodola] initially - the wife (daughter) of thunderer, and in the ritual - her represented priestesses. The track of this ritual can be seen in Serbians in [Aleksinachskom] [Pomorave], where [dodolitsy] - six girls at the age from 12 to 16 years: four sing, two present [Dodola] (apparently, ancient thunderer) and [Dodolitsu] (apparently, his wife). Them they decorate by Viennese, flow water on them (which must cause rain), they present to them bread. For the [dodolskikh] songs are characteristic the motives of the unlocking of gates (Bulgarian. “Open gates, [domakina], oh to [dodole]! ”), praying about the rain or the moisture - dew (Serbian. “[Dodolitsa] of the god of the mole: Yes mi, God, to [sitnu] dew! ”). It is possible that the early adoption of the name of the wife of the thunderer of wonder -[dodola] explains the Mordvinian designation of the woman- lightning Of jondol-baba and the name of the god Of jondol-pas (replacement of d on j; sr. of [zap]. - Bulgarian. to [oylule] as the version of the name Of [divy]-[dodoly]).